The Infinitely Unique Challenges To Getting Off The TV Writer Runway

Over the past nineteen months I have had the immense fortune of being able to meet, befriend, and write with a group of uber talented cohorts in the aptly named Cohort… numero tres. We have grown quite a bit in our time together, pressing ever forward despite our shared and alternatively unique challenges, obstacles if you will, standing in the way of our inevitable success (we’re quite a squadron).

Speaking from my own little corner of the writing world perspective, with literally weeks to go before graduation, I’m finding the looming, ultra competitive world known as the television writing industry a bit intimidating. Even from the novice student’s point of view (that’s me bt-dubs), I can see that an arduous journey stands ahead of me. TV writing is not for the faint of heart. Money, relationships, the crappy jobs we hate so much but can never quit, walking the dog, getting at least 11 hours of sleep – the basic stuff we need to do just to get by, can all stand in the way of advancing our life’s passion and purpose. Because between all that stuff, ya gotta write constantly, man… and woman.

But worry not. We’re writers. It’s in our blood. Just like Rocky Balboa when he wrote that first script, Rocky. He knew he had to do it. He knew he couldn’t just be Q Moonblood for the rest of his life. He was better than that. And so are you, dear reader. And so am I. So let’s take this TV Writer’s world by storm. Seek your cohorts, hold them closely, and don’t ever let go. Unless they ask you to, because, you know, you can’t just like hold on to someone if they’re telling you to stop. We all gotta respect that shit.


By Dan Taft, Cohort Numero Tres