Clyde Phillips of Dexter and Nurse Jackie Visits Cohort IV

“Have your own voice, get in the door” was one concise, yet effective piece of advice Clyde Phillips imparted to Cohort IV on his Feb. 11th visit to the TV Writers Studio. Acclaimed television writer, producer, and novelist, Phillips is widely known for his work as Executive Producer and Show-runner of Dexter (seasons one through 4) and current Executive Producer of Nurse Jackie. In his conversation with Professor Stephen Molton and a Q&A with the students, Phillips discussed his experiences in not only breaking into the television industry, but excelling in it.


Students picked his brain for advice about developing characters and stories as groundbreaking as those that come to life in Dexter. Perhaps the most important rule Phillips relayed is that in writing and creating, there are no rules. He encouraged the class to take chances, to use all ideas and be unafraid of inventing new ones, and throughout one's life and career, to perfect the art of storytelling through constant reading.

By Josie Callahan