Writer's Table

The fall semester serves as an introduction to the basics and complexities of television script writing, and the seamless integration of the written script into the development stage of the television production process. Students begin work on the Central Project pilot script.

After their work in the winter intensive, students reconvene in the spring to revise their completed draft of the Central Project. They will also begin exploring the intricacies of production as the pilot moves from the development stage into pre-production.


INstructor: Norman Steinberg

Norman Steinberg is the Director of the MFA in Writing and Producing for Television Program Director. Before accepting his current position as Parsons Family University Professor at Long Island University, Steinberg’s screenwriting career began under the tutelage of his mentor and friend Mel Brooks when he became part of the team with Andrew Bergman and Richard Pryor that wrote Blazing Saddles. What followed was an almost forty year screenwriting career that includes My Favorite Year starring Peter O’Toole; Johnny Dangerously and Mr. Mom starring Michael Keaton; Brian De Palma’s Wise Guys starring Danny DeVito and Joe Piscopo; and many others including the film that ended Luciano Pavarotti’s screen career, Yes Georgio. Steinberg’s screenwriting career continues to this day.