The History of Television

An examination of the development and evolution of television as a creative medium, with an emphasis placed on the role of the writer and producer. How did we get from the dawn of the medium of TV to the digital age? Influential TV programs will be screened and technological advances will be highlighted. Important TV scripts of historical and contemporary importance will be studied.


Instructor: Bernie orenstein

There are few people as qualified as Bernard Orenstein to take students on a guided tour through the history of the medium simply because he because he has been a significant part of that history. In a writing career that spans more than fifty years, he has been associated with some of the most successful and long-running series in television. During that half century, he has worked with icons like Dick van Dyke, Redd Foxx and Bill Cosby. By virtue of his extensive experience on series like Sanford and Son, What’s Happening!! and Cosby, he has become a sought-after authority on the history and impact of African American performers and the TV series in which they appeared.