You won’t “learn what it feels like” to write a TV show in a writer’s room.
You WILL write a TV show in a writer’s room.

The TV Writers Studio (TVWS) is a one-of-a-kind program that gives its students a real-world TV writing experience they could get nowhere else. Created by Emmy-Award Winner and veteran screenwriter Norman Steinberg, the goal of the TVWS is to develop highly skilled, experienced professionals with strong portfolios who will be prepared to begin careers in the television industry as writers, creators, and leaders.

The students invited to participate in the TVWS become part of an intensive, two-year curriculum of study. During this time, they function both collaboratively as the staff of an ongoing television series as well as independently, as writer/creators of their own TV series pilot.

The once-weekly class days are held at the state-of-the-art Steiner Studios, a 305,000-square-foot, Hollywood-style production and support facility in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The students at the TVWS are expected to be both collaborative and independent. The schedule is specially tailored to allow the students to continue working in the real world, while gaining all the benefits of a full-time MFA program.

The program is rigorous and intense, with high rewards—you get out what you put in. Already, students from our inaugural year have sold screenplays and been hired on TV shows, and our success rate will only continue as each cohort moves on. 


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