New Media and the Internet: Getting Your Stuff Online

This introductory course surveys the landscape of New Media Entertainment. Assessing technologies, strategies and trends in the industry, students will be exposed to the latest approaches to digital storytelling. Additionally, students will develop their own new media series with the final output being a series bible as well as a produced 5 minute original “webisode.” 

To make it in Hollywood, you’ve got to be able to write a great script. But that’s only the beginning – then you’ve got to find a way to get people to read it. And before you can do that, you’ve got to figure out how to make them want to read it. That’s where your web series comes in. Opening a 60 – or 90 or 120 – page script is work. Clicking on a five minute video is easy. Which means you’ve got the length of a web segment to prove just how creative and clever you are – and how valuable your script will be to them. 

Bri Castellini.jpg

Instructor: BriANNA Castellini

Born Brianna Castellini in Seattle, Washington, Bri is an award-winning writer, producer, and filmmaker residing in Brooklyn, New York. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from Pacific University and an MFA in Writing and Producing for Television from Long Island University-Brooklyn.

Some her credits include Brains (2015), Stray (2017), Sam and Pat are Depressed (2017) and Over/Under (2018) Her day job is as Community Director and podcast host for Stareable, the largest community of web series creators. Bri also teaches LIU-Brooklyn’s MFA in Writing and Producing for Television first year cohort as an Adjunct Professor.