Yemi Oyefuwa

Yemi Oyefuwa: lover of linguine, laughs and literature (and alliteration, if you couldn’t tell).

Back in London the young Yemi Oyefuwa (don’t worry no one knows how to pronounce her name on the first try, but you’ll get used to it) would spend a Saturday morning, or 52, practicing her singing, dancing and acting. Her hard (and most times chorus) work paid off when she was accepted into London’s National Youth Music Theatre, where she performed in their National Charity Gala under the musical genius Richard Stilgoe.

As many a famous author will tell you, just putting pen to paper is the best way to hone your craft, it doesn’t matter what comes out of that pen of yours, as long as your every waking thought is reflected in what you write. So at the tender age of 12, Yemi started to write fanfiction. Not the most subtle of stories and most of the twists and turns were taken straight from the weirdest corners of her mind, but boy did her story get shared around the school bus.

When Yemi realised her sudden growth would hinder all her dreams of being a famous ballerina or a famous actress (or are we all actors now?), Yemi packed her bags at the age of 17 and accepted a basketball scholarship at The University of Maryland – a sport she had then, only been playing for about a year – in other words, she followed the tall person stereotype in all way.  She is now a 2012 graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in the great English Literature.  She is a 3V letterman for UMD and has also represented her country, Great Britain, by playing on the U20, U21 and the Senior Women’s basketball team.

Yemi is looking forward to continuing her adventures at LIU.


She also likes giraffes. A lot.

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