Kaitlyn Oliva

Kaitlyn Oliva goes by Kate, but everyone over 37 tends to call her Katie for reasons that have yet to be determined. She graduated from the University of Maryland in 2010, where she double majored in Public Relations and English Language & Literature. Her undergraduate experiences included six internships, several honor societies, study abroad in London, Alternative Spring Break (fundraising for and rebuilding in New Orleans), Advocates for Children (researching and fundraising for local children’s issues) and the street cred earned from not getting shot and/or mugged in College Park. The best job she ever had was as Director of Public Relations for UMD’s Student Entertainment Events, where she handled 75 entertainment events a year and got to meet awesome people like Lewis Black and Tim Gunn, and her worst job was working at a low-carb restaurant, for obvious reasons. After two years at a public relations firm, Kate realized that writing about travel in foreign countries when you’re not actually doing it should have been addressed by one of the more emo bands of her teendom (MICS ARE FOR SINGING NOT SWINGING – anyone?). She did the brave thing and quit and then did the logical thing of freelance writing, because freedom ain’t free. Currently, she supplements freelance writing with creative writing both individually and collaboratively, the latter of which she has grown to love – and is excited to be pursuing a career in. She is compulsively organized, appreciates witty banter, knows how to make croissants but doesn’t like them, prefers watching shows in marathons, never speaks in the third person, knows a disconcerting amount of rap lyrics and would love to see pictures of your puppy.

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