Josh Hamburger

JOSH HAMBURGER has been interested in writing ever since he wrote his own autobiography in the first grade. Even though it was incomplete and full of spelling errors, he believes that it was his best self-deprecating work to date. Unfortunately, he has since accomplished more in his life than finishing kindergarten (barely), so he was forced to write a new bio and talk about himself in the third person. Josh went on to graduate from Vanderbilt University in 2011, where he majored in Communication Studies with minors in Film Studies and Corporate Strategy. After receiving encouragement from a few professors and his supportive parents, he decided to pursue writing as a career and is thrilled to be a part of the TV Writers Studio.

Recently, Josh has started performing stand-up comedy as an attempt to model his life after his hero, Larry David. While he has the awkwardness down, he needs to work on the baldness, brashness, and, most importantly, the writing. When he’s not writing, watching, or talking about television, he is an avid sports fan and a very nice young man (at least according to his grandmothers.)

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