Jessica Ruth Goldberg

Jessica Ruth Goldberg has been a script reader for New York Theater Workshop since 2007. She’s a joke writer on comedienne Julianna Forlano’s web series, Absurdity Today, and she’s written monologs for the AT&T Tech Channel. She covered the Sundance Film Festival for The Frisky in 2010, and again this year for Blast Magazine. Cricket Magazine Group is publishing her fairytale, “Happy Ever After All” in Spider Magazine for Children. In August, Jessica’s pilot, “Green” was featured at 2nd Sunday Reading series. Jessica has PA’d and researched for a range of reality TV shows. She dreams of and works toward writing and producing narrative TV.
Jessica’s best real-life applications so far are collaborative writing and changing the subject. Her IMDB page looks like confetti. She makes the perfect one-egg omelet. She’s great with cranky kids. She’s getting better with adults. She knows the muffin man.
Jessica tells fantastic bedtime stories for all ages.
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