Bryan Pauquette

BRYAN PAUQUETTE, originally from Albany, NY, took off to the heart of The Union to study at The Ohio State University. While at OSU, Bryan earned degrees in both Business Administration and Film Studies. Although he has yet to win any cool awards, his dream is to EGOT (win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony). Similar to Tracy Jordan in 30 Rock, the Grammy may prove to be most difficult for him; his voice is poor, and can only play Air Drums. While interning in Los Angeles for Michel Gondry’s production studio, Partizan, he became a frequent visitor to Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Inspired by the awesome performances, he decided to take improv classes at UCB New York. Bryan is a fan of nearly everything on HBO, Thursday Night NBC, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Louie, Delocated, and many more. He has written spec scripts, a pilot, and a short film. After reading his biography, Bryan realized is life is not at thrilling as he once thought, and decided to start doing more stuff.

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