Aidan Daley-Hynes

Aidan Daley-Hynes grew up in and around Washington DC with a very large, very loud Irish Catholic family. She was a professional figure skater until last fall when she entered cohort 2 and turned her attention to another aspect of showbiz.  The transition seemed natural, when you consider her saturation of television history (mostly a deep love for 1950′s and 70′s sitcoms) came during a brief stint being homeschooled for the sport.  She has always been a writer, and her early 4th grade work mostly consisted of half-finished novellas/rip offs of Anne Frank’s Diary.

Currently she is writing, directing, producing and acting in a web series called Edward De Man about aspacey puppet from outter-space. Aidan is also assisting in LIU’s Theatre Program, and writes regularly for Tribeca Film Instistute’s blog.

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