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  • by — October 31, 2013

    As a student of television writing, I now follow television criticism the way sports fans watch ESPN. Just like my roommates consumed pre-season football coverage, looking for hot tips for their fantasy leagues, I recently watched the entertainment news analyze and predict the rise and fall of this season’s new series. Among that coverage, I [...]

  • by — October 24, 2013

    Don’t shoot the messenger, but I watched the pilot for Sleepy Hollow the other night and I think it might have been… surprisingly good. Although critics were initially citing it as this fall’s quickly canceled Fox failure, I walked away from the pilot a little bit stunned by its potential. The plot is ridiculous — mixing a National [...]

  • by — March 18, 2013

    Thanks to LIU’s ad campaign for the TV Writers Studio, that is. As part of a university-wide push, the TVWS is being featured in ads across the city – one of which features the Shana Punim of our esteemed director, Norman Steinberg, as you can see below. We’re in the thick of application time right [...]

  • by — March 2, 2013

    An interesting thread over on Reddit was started by the posting of a great “infographic” from the wonderful John August. His blog has long been a source of in-depth and wonderful information about the craft of screenwriting, and we enjoy linking to it over here at the TVWS. The original post was written in 2007 but [...]

  • by — February 9, 2013

    Cohort II’s Gabriel Tolliver was featured this week as part of the New York Times’ article “Warrior Voices.” As the article says, “Psychologists know that writing is therapeutic.” And for different reasons, writers know that writing is therapeutic. For veterans like Gabe, who have experiences and exposure to things that the rest of us can barely [...]

  • by — February 3, 2013

    From John August comes the news of a new, updated version of the font we all know and love: Courier is now Courier PRIME! Check it out (and download it for free) from John August’s website…and be sure to listen to his podcast, for it is most informative.

  • by — November 15, 2012

    Recommended by our own Mr. Steinberg, who says: “It’s a short, but, I feel, a very inspiring and honest speech about what we do–write–and what we will be facing in the future as screen and TV writers.  Billy’s address got me going.  Do yourself a favor; take 12 minutes and watch it.”

  • by — November 5, 2012

    It’s a little silly to say that there are no words to describe anything, because of course there always are – it’s just sometimes they seem inadequate.  Trying to describe the events of the past week is one of those times, as so many in the region try to come to grips with the devastation that [...]

  • by — September 27, 2012

    Yes, if you’re in the TVWS, you’re on a first name basis with all of these guys. It’s just the way this place is. Scroll ahead to 9:20 in this video to hear a name we all know and love…   From Crackle: I Want Sandwiches, I Want Chicken Embedded player not working?

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