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  • by — November 15, 2013

    Anyone who grew up in the late-eighties/early-nighties with a VHS collection of animated kids’ movies is undoubtably familiar with Gary Goldman’s work. After leaving Disney with Don Bluth at the end of the seventies, Goldman and Bluth created a run of films that captured the dark, compelling mood of early Disney films like Bambi or Dumbo. You know, [...]

  • by — October 7, 2013

    Jim Serpico, President of Motion Pictures and Television at Apostle, a production and management company is set to visit Cohort III Monday, October 7th at 2PM. Mr. Serpico founded Apostle with Denis Leary,  served as Executive Producer of the long-running FX series Rescue Me and is currently the Executive Producer of two television series — MARON, starring [...]

  • by — September 22, 2013

    Ben Stiller’s producing partner from Red Hour Films sat down with Cohort III of the TV Writers Studio. He discussed breaking into the business with the aid of Mel Brooks, discovering David Lynch, finding content off the web, and much more!  

  • by — April 29, 2013

    Below is the full session from the Jane Espenson and Brad Bell visit to TVWS!  

  • by — April 21, 2013

    The TV Writers Studio hosted another guest speaker this past week. Jeff Pinkner, writer/producer who’s credits include Alias, Lost, Fringe, and The Amazing Spider-man 2, talked with Cohort II Monday afternoon. Mr. Pinkner discussed breaking into the business, the writing process on Lost, and the value of being established before pitching pilots. Check it out [...]

  • by — April 12, 2013

    Jane Espenson. Brad Bell. We get the real folks in here, everybody… Jane and Brad paid a visit to the TVWS last week – watch below for their teaser about the visit, and be sure to check back soon for the full session, to be posted!

  • by — October 7, 2012

    Cohort II of The TV Writer’s Studio had three special guests stop by on October 1st; Bill Persky, Bob Ellison, and Tom Leopold. A comedic spark fueled the session as the three experts delved into the inner workings of television. Each guest talked a little about their personal experiences, and afterwards there was a Q&A session. Topics touched [...]

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