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    by — November 1, 2013

    Legendary writer Ken Levine, who has written for just about every classic TV comedy of the past 30+ years– Mash, Cheers, Taxi, Frasier, etc–will be joining us on Monday at 2 PM! Ken writes one of the most influential TV oriented blogs entitled  …by Ken Levine. In a word, it’s fantastic. The dense archive packed with [...]

  • by — October 31, 2013

    As a student of television writing, I now follow television criticism the way sports fans watch ESPN. Just like my roommates consumed pre-season football coverage, looking for hot tips for their fantasy leagues, I recently watched the entertainment news analyze and predict the rise and fall of this season’s new series. Among that coverage, I [...]

  • by — October 25, 2013

    Cohort III is gearing up for filming on their project “OSS”. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS), was a spy organization founded during World War II and became the forerunner to the CIA. Headed by Wild Bill Donovan, the OSS had its people stationed all across the world. The organization attracted celebrities, aristocrats, misfits, and [...]

  • by — October 24, 2013

    Don’t shoot the messenger, but I watched the pilot for Sleepy Hollow the other night and I think it might have been… surprisingly good. Although critics were initially citing it as this fall’s quickly canceled Fox failure, I walked away from the pilot a little bit stunned by its potential. The plot is ridiculous — mixing a National [...]

  • by — October 17, 2013

    On Tuesday, October 16, Cohort IV received a visit from writer/producer, Sang Kyu Kim. This is Sang’s second visit to TVWS. Previously, Sang visited Cohort II. He has served as both writer and producer for “The Walking Dead,” “Hawthorne,” and Starz’s first originally produced series “Crash.” Sang discussed everything from how he began in the [...]

  • by — October 12, 2013

    Channel Surfing will be a new recurring feature on the TVWS blog, presenting a weekly round-up of television news. The ‘Breaking Bad’ Legacy: Now That It’s Over, Where Does It Stand? – The Hollywood Reporter The tragic rise and fall of Walter White came to an end on September 29th, but the Breaking Bad think piece [...]

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    by — October 9, 2013

    Jim Serpico of Apostle Q&A (Full Video)

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    by — October 9, 2013

    On Tuesday, October 15th at 7 pm Norman will be visiting Pepperdine University to speak about the film he wrote, “My Favorite Year” (1982) as part of “The Hollywood Visionary Series.” The movie tells the story of a young comedy writer (Mark Linn-Baker) who meets his idol, an actor played by Peter O’Toole. After a [...]

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    by — October 7, 2013

    On Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending the New Yorker Festival’s “Television and Politics” panel at Florence Gould Hall. New Yorker television critic Emily Nussbaum was joined by a who’s who of the post-West Wing television world to talk about a variety of topics, ranging from why political television seems cynical in the Age of Obama [...]

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