Production Begins…”Exposure”

by Jonathan Light — January 7, 2013

And it begins…

It’s production time for Cohort II! On Monday, we begin principal photography on our pilot presentation for Exposure, the hour-long drama we have written as a group over the last year and a half. The show follows a group of five spot-news photographers who are brought together through tragedy in our 15 minute short, which will serve as an introduction the series.

This is the culmination of our work as a group – our final collaboration before we graduate in May. The last few days have been appropriately intense and hectic as we’ve dotted i’s and crossed t’s, and now we’re all settling down to try get as a good a night’s sleep as possible before our 6 AM call time. Easier said than done.

The night before a big shoot is always filled with anticipation, excitement…and stark, naked, petrifying fear. Tonight is no different for many of us. But it’s is also very much like the night before you embark on an adventure that you’ve planned for over a year – you’re hopeful that it all goes to plan, but you’re ready for anything.

Stick with us throughout the week for updates and pictures from the set.

  • Marc Hermann

    Would love to know more about this project, or if your team needs any technical advisory assistance; either way, the New York spot news community will certainly be interested!


    Marc Hermann