Mitch Semel, Executive Editor of HuffPost Live, Visits Cohort III

by TV Writers Studio — November 23, 2013

Mitch Semel has taken a unique path in the entertainment industry. From traditional networks like CBS to comedic newspapers like The Onion to groundbreaking endeavors like HuffPost Live, Mr. Semel has covered a lot of areas. At one point in his career he used his knowledge of television to assist the US Department of Defense. He built The Pentagon Channel, a worldwide network for military personnel distributed to bases and embassies globally over satellite TV and via the internet as one of the first digital video channels.

During his visit to the TV Writers Studio, Mr. Semel touched on several topics. He discussed his most valuable experiences: developing Comedy Central shows like The Daily Show and Politically Incorrect as one of Comedy Central’s first Heads of Programming; creating his own company; and tackling new ventures like HuffPost Live. He talked about the future of The Onion, where he had been the general manager. Students were even lucky enough to hear Mr. Semel reminisce with Norman Steinberg about their time on Dr. Cosby. Spoiler alert: Cosby goes crazy!

The full video is below.