Introducing Devon Tincknell

by Devon Tincknell — October 7, 2013

Hello TV Writers Studio blog readers, my name is Devon Tincknell and I’m one of the new authors you’ll see frequently posting here this semester. I’m a former freelance journalist/vagabond/medical guinea pig who decided that he might as well take a shot at the bright lights of showbiz before settling for a steady gig running’s Twitter account. A proud member of Cohort 4, I moved to Brooklyn just two months ago to pursue my dream of becoming a television writer and eating pizza every day. So far, only one of those has come true and I bet you can guess which.

This semester, I’m hoping to help take the TVWS blog in a slightly different direction, widening our scope to include interviews with staff writers, coverage of TV related events, tips on the screenwriting process, and a 200% increase in the amount of weird YouTube videos posted at by your truly. We’d love for this to be a valuable resource for all the aspiring TV writers out there, whether you’re considering enrolling in this fine program or just a wannabe writer who has great ideas and is looking for just a little bit more direction.

If you’d like more information on me, you can visit my personal website at and peruse old articles and random clips from the late night talk show I once hosted.