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    by — October 22, 2014

    “Don Truby thought about Kelly Ripa’s anus.” This is the first line of the book upon which Jason Reitman’s latest film Men, Women & Children is based, and the first of many signs that I was not exactly in for a subtle read. Indeed, as I continued to read Chad Kultgen’s novel in the week [...]

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    by — September 26, 2014

    Coherence, a micro-budget sci-fi thriller from debut director James Ward Byrkit, is bound to cause debate among all those who view it. Nonetheless, one fact about this film that seems impossible to deny, even (or perhaps especially) by its detractors, is the delicious irony of its title. By definition, the word “coherence” is the ability [...]

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    by — June 9, 2014

    Great write up in the NY Times about the rise of Brooklyn in film production. Just one more reason the TV Writers Studio’s home borough is the place to be! Check out the article, link below:

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    by — April 24, 2014

    Throughout Cohort III’s journey to capture the magnificence of the OSS in a 60-minute television drama, the OSS Society has been extremely helpful in our efforts. President Charles Pinck has been kind enough to drop by the Studio on multiple occasions, once bringing a weapons expert who provided key props and guidance. Now that the [...]

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    by — April 14, 2014

    Big TVWS alumni news! After an intense bidding war, Aidan Levy of Cohort II just signed a book contract with Chicago Review Press! From Publishers Marketplace: “Musician and music journalist Aidan Levy’s FLY INTO THE SUN: THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF LOU REED, covering the life and work of the late rock star from a [...]

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    by — April 5, 2014

    Last night, as the end credits began rolling for Under the Skin, Jonathan Glazer’s newest film, my knuckles were white and I had to concentrate on breathing. I felt as though my brain had just been run over by a sublime, universal-truth-containing bus, a feeling which is still lingering in my mind more than 12 [...]

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    by — April 4, 2014

    Over the past nineteen months I have had the immense fortune of being able to meet, befriend, and write with a group of uber talented cohorts in the aptly named Cohort… numero tres. We have grown quite a bit in our time together, pressing ever forward despite our shared and alternatively unique challenges, obstacles if [...]

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    by — March 20, 2014

    Enemy is the latest release from director Denis Villeneuve. It is currently only playing at one theater in New York, the Angelika Film Center on Houston Street, but it is absolutely worth the trek. After watching this film a few months following the release of Prisoners, also directed by Villeneuve, I can now assert with [...]

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